Reggie Bullock bleeds Carolina Blue

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Reggie Bullock (6’6″, SF, 2010) understands the Carolina history, growing up just a few miles down the road in Kinston, NC, the same eastern North Carolina town that produced UNC alum Jerry Stackhouse.

Alex Schwartz is continuing with terrific one-on-one chats with players of ACC interest, and he’s posted an interview with Bullock, who talks about why he chose UNC, who he thinks his game resembles and what his weaknesses are. More great stuff from Alex.

I had a chance to watch Bullock play with the CP3 All-Stars recently and will post my thoughts in an upcoming post.

Oh yeah, and Arlen says to remind everyone to join his list and meet Magic Johnson.

3 Responses to Reggie Bullock bleeds Carolina Blue

  1. How can you respect this this writer when he doesn’t even know that kinston is in the eastern part of the state not western north carolina.

  2. Arlen says:

    Whoops, fixed. Pretty bad considering we live in NC and have been to Kinston many times!

  3. thanks fort the fix we in the east feel like we are always forgotten about thanks again

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