Maryland Recruit Tyree Evans is on the Road Again

June 3, 2008

So Maryland and Gary Williams decided to take a chance on Tyree Evans, a player who has bounced around several teams, been offered, then had those offers rescinded from several programs.

In mid April, Tyree was going to finally get his life and basketball career on track. ACC fans envisioned Evans and Greivis Vasquis in the backcourt and imagined Maryland could be back as a national power.

But, a little over a month later, Evans bailed again.

The reality is, Maryland probably dodged a bullet; for all his basketball prowess, Evans was not the answer. It’s sad, that some people will throw away their talent, but that is what we are witnessing with Evans. At best, Evans will play some semi pro ball or play some overseas ball. More likely, he will continue to bounce around and continue to think basketball will provide him with infinite opportunities.

This is the bad part about watching young players who think they are going to easily make a fortune with their basketball skill. For every player who barely makes an NBA roster, there are thousands and thousands who don’t. For a shooting guard with off the court issues and a stigma of unreliability, the chances of landing and keeping a pro job are slim.

Derrick Favors Recruiting

June 3, 2008

Recently it was reported that Derrick Favors (6’10”, PF, 2009) has a list of fifteen schools. The Fayetteville Observer reports that Favors probably won’t decide until April 2009, and that his current list includes ACC schools Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke and Miami.

J.T. Terrell, John Wall at the Pangos

CSTV discusses the play of several ACC recruits at the Pangos All-American, including J.T. Terrell (6’3″, SG, 2010) who has a Wake Forest offer:

J.T. Terrell 6-foot-4 SG (2010) Burlington Cummings (N.C.) – This solid shooting wing guard can score from three or take it to the rim and finish with thunderous dunks. He is a long and rangy defender and rebounder who does little things to help squad win.

John Wall, who has solidified his status as the highlight PG to follow up Derrick Rose and Brandon Jennings:

John Wall 6-foot-4 PG Raleigh Word of God (N.C.) – He has dominated everyone he’s faced off the dribble with his explosive quickness. He has left them shoeless with his crossover and spin move and confuses opponents when he sets it up with solid jumper from beyond the arc.