Top 40 2008 Recruiting Classes

June 5, 2008

CSTV/CBS/Van Coleman has posted his Top 40 recruiting classes for 2008, and he has several ACC schools in his rankings:

#7 UNC

#11 Wake Forest

#15 Florida State

#22 Duke

#38 Clemson

#40 Maryland.

Arlen asked me to post my thoughts on this list. First, these types of rankings are fun but mostly meaningless. Next, this was before Maryland lost two of their recruits. Following that, Duke is probably ranked a little high, Florida State would be ranked higher if they weren’t Florida State and Clemson is way, way under ranked.

Join My List and Meet Magic Johnson*

June 5, 2008

* This is completely not true. Magic Johnson has nothing to do with my list. But sign up anyway, and I promise that if I ever get Magic Johnson to agree to attend a personal party for members of my list, I will totally tell you so you can meet him.

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Michael Snaer’s List of Schools

June 5, 2008 is reporting that Michael Snaer (6’4″, SG/SF, 2009) has several schools on his current list, including Stanford, Marquette, Florida State, Missouri, UNLV, USC, UCLA,Washington, Kansas, Arizona and Cal.

Snaer, a west coast kid, reportedly has offers from ACC schools Miami and Florida State.

Emmanuel Negedu’s visit to Indiana

Doug Wilson and Chris Korman have a fantastic update on Emmanuel Negedu (6’7″, PF, 2008 ) and his visit to Indiana:

So the Indiana visit, I’ve been told, is much more of a fact-finding visit for Negedu. You’ve heard kids talk about the “feeling” they get about a school, and that’s what so many of them are hoping to find when they step on campus. So coaches do whatever they can to create the feeling: they show off the banners, they drive through the campus on golf carts, they hang a jersey with the prospect’s number in the middle stall of the locker room.

More Bad News for Maryland Terrapins

Recently Gary Williams lost troubled recruit Tyree Evans, and now it appears he’s losing another. Gus Glichrist (6’9″, PF, 2008 ) has asked for a release from his LOI with the Terps.