Brian Oliver picks Georgia Tech

June 19, 2008

Brian Oliver
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Another player who I should have written about before. Brian Oliver (6’6″,SF,2009) has picked the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as his college team. Oliver currently plays for Oak Hill Academy and also had offers from Cincinnati, Miami and Virgina Tech.

Lance Stephenson is still considering UNC

June 19, 2008

Alex comes through AGAIN with money interviews. This time it’s none other than ‘Born Ready’, AKA Lance Stephenson, who earlier reports claimed had trimmed his list to UK, Kansas and UCLA. Not so, says Lance:

NB: Are there any other schools that are a little bit further behind . . . that you’re also considering? Anyone in particular?
LS: Memphis, St. John’s, [Pause] Indiana, and North Carolina.

That’s right…UNC is still in the mix, along with Memphis. Check out the full run down here.

I just want to give a shout out to Alex for sending the email to let me know about this.