Hoop Dreams, Brought to Animated Life

June 14, 2008

Most of us remember Hoop Dreams as a documentary about trying to make it big in the game of basketball. But the concept is really about trying to use one’s talents as a means of achieving a better life.

Sports artist Terrell White has created a new animated series, appropriately titled ‘Hoop Dreams’, which follows a young basketball player in his quest to achieve success on the hardwood:

The new Hoop Dreams is an animated cartoon that stars a group of kids, in which the main character, T, is a young basketball player who is determined to use his talents as a way out of the “hard” life. While T showcases his basketball skills in the neighborhood, he also strives to overcome the many obstacles of adolescence and never loses sight of the importance of maintaining good grades in school, avoiding fights, and falling temptation to easy money and gifts.

I’m going to be following up with some more information on this cool series.