About ACC Basketball Recruiting

This site is focused on following the recruiting activities of the men’s college basketball teams of the Atlantic Coast Conference. All stories and interviews contained on this site are not affiliated in any way with the NCAA, AAU or any college institution. ACCBasketballRecruiting.com is not involved in recruiting activities of any kind and will not initiate direct contact with any player on behalf on any third party.


Marcus Shockley
Technical Advisor, Player Scout

Marcus is a Featured Columnist on BleacherReport, and has had work appear on CBSSports.com, ESPN.com and YardBarker. Marcus also founded and contributes to BasketballElite.com, a site which covers basketball and basketball recruiting nationally.

This site relies heavily on Marcus’s database, which includes national players of interest as well as local prep and JUCO players in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, New York, Philadelphia and New Jersey.

To email Marcus:
‘mshockley’ at ‘smartmarketnetwork.com’.

Follow Marcus’s antics on Twitter: Twitter!

Arlen Simmons
Founder & Sometimes Contributor

ACCBasketballRecruiting.com is the brainchild of Arlen Simmons, a lifelong basketball and ACC fanatic. Originally Arlen managed this site by himself, but now he is primarily an article contributor.

Arlen says:

“My goal is to provide updates and information regarding basketball players being recruited by ACC schools or in ACC states. There are a lot of players who I don’t mention, but I really just wanted to create a grouping of information regarding ACC recruits. If the #1 player in the country has never indicated he is looking at a single ACC school in any way, I’m not going to spend much time posting about him (unless he’s super awesome and I feel I just have to share) OR if he is in a state near an ACC school, just in case some there’s some kid people should be aware of.”

This site is for entertainment purposes only, and that we are not projecting player’s intentions or guaranteeing anything, just offering our personal opinions or facts as reported by the players themselves.

The best way to contact Arlen is by email: We don’t like SPAM, so use this busted-up email address:

‘asimmons’ at ‘smartmarketnetwork.com’.

Just replace the at with ‘@’, you know the deal.

Jordan Lash
Player Scout

Jordan knows about high school recruiting, from being a basketball fan and playing D1 ball for Charlotte. He contributes on the national scene, and locally in the Southeast and Arizona.

James Blackburn
Player Scout

James has worked for minor league basketball teams such as the Winston-Salem Storm and basketball camps such as the Josh Howard camp. In 2009, James worked with Charlotte Bobcats during the 2008-09 season before taking a position as the assistant boy’s basketball coach at East Forsyth High School in Winston-Salem, NC.

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6 Responses to About ACC Basketball Recruiting

  1. Gary Shuffler says:

    I agree that Cody Shuffler is under everyones radar – He missed his freshman &
    1/2 his sophmore year to injury and came out strong his junior year finishing with
    around 19 pts. 10 rebs per game in a 4A conference. This kept him from the limelight until recently. He has had a great summer, playing both AAU and on an international team that won the bronze medal in the United World Games. He lead USA with 20.2 pts and 10.6 rebs per game. I think he will have a stellar senior year and many will regret not getting to know more about him. Also a 4.0 gpa student.
    Some good schools have started looking closely in the past few months.

  2. Don Adams says:

    Where did James Blackburn’s scouting reports go? He also made insightful yet wacky comments … but i love reading his reports.

  3. Marcus says:

    James is doing a stint working for the Charlotte Bobcats. I think they’ve been playing better since he’s been running their practices! That’s how good we are at spotting big league talent around here…even our scouts end up in the pros!

  4. J.J. Ronay says:

    There’s a new Big Game James in North Carolina now! If his reports are any indication of who he is, then I say “James for President!”

  5. Big Ryan says:

    James seems like a pretty good scout, he reminds me of the Lakers scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin. He’s got a hot bod, ballin’ skills, and they both played college ball at the same place. I love that kid!

  6. Concord says:

    James seems like a pretty good scout, he reminds me of the Lakers scout Bonnie-Jill Laflin. He's got a hot bod, ballin' skills, and they both played college ball at the same place. I love that kid!;. All the best!!

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