Austin Rivers: A Player We’d Like To See In the ACC

July 5, 2010

It seemed like Austin Rivers was destined to stay near his home in Florida.

After he committed to the in-state Florida Gators, it seemed like a done deal. The Gators would get one of the best point guards in the 2011 class, Austin would stay close to home (Gainesville is relatively close to Winter Park, FL) and everything seemed settled.

But as Rivers continued to improve, he began to consider that he may have committed too early, and after mulling it over, eventually de-committed from the Gators and decided to weigh other offers. He still is considering Florida as a high possibility, but the full court press from other schools such as UNC and Duke is now in full effect.

Rivers, whose father is the famed ex-Atlanta Hawks PG, Doc Rivers, knows all about the world of basketball from his father’s current job as coach of the Boston Celtics, and an older brother who plays for Indiana:

“[Doc Rivers’] four kids like the idea of having a father who coaches in the NBA. Spencer loves shooting baskets at TD Garden before games. Austin Rivers is accustomed to seeing his father at a lot of his Winter Park High School games and fully understood that he had other responsibilities. Jeremiah Rivers will be a redshirt senior guard at Indiana.”

So where will Austin Rivers end up? Right now it’s still up in the air, but he is a special talent that we’d love to see in the ACC.

Finding NBA News and College Basketball News In The Digital Age

July 4, 2010

Nolan Smith

We love college basketball around here.

As the season ended a couple of months ago, a lot has happened in the world of college basketball, even as the sports world turned its’ attention away from the Final Four and March Madness, and focused on the NBA Finals, and then the 2010 World Cup.

But that did not mean teams like UNC and Duke suddenly took a long break. The players immediately started working for next season, as being a high profile, high potential athlete today means “no offseason”.

So even as the demand for NCAA betting news might wind down for the rest of basketball nation, there are still a lot of basketball related news stories that just don’t make the front page, such as our recent coverage of the Chris Paul camp, where top NCAA players showed up just to work on their skills. Or the summer pro-am leagues, where players from Wake Forest, NC State, Duke and UNC are already playing against each other. For most fans, the first time they will see incoming UNC phenom Harrison Barnes playing against Duke returning upperclassman Kyle Singler will be sometime in February. However, Barnes has already been playing against the Duke star in the summer. So, who covers these events?

The answer is, “not many people”. There are a handful of sites and a few published media who even pay attention to what happens in college basketball once the final buzzer sounds on March Madness. That’s what makes the modern Internet age so wonderful for fans, in that when these events used to happen, no one knew about it. Now, with online media outlets able to provide at least some information, fans are slowly realizing that their favorite sport doesn’t stop.

Following their favorite players on Twitter, fans realize that those players aren’t just stars that show up a game time. College players tweet about class schedules, their opinions on current events, and talk to other team mates, giving an insight into their world.

It makes us wonder: what would Wilt Chamberlain have tweeted about?