UNC Recruiting Notes, 2009; Doron Lamb to Oak Hill?

UNC is going after shooting guards heavily for 2009, offering Xavier Henry (6’6”), Dominic Cheek (6’6”), Leslie McDonald (6’4”), and Nolan Dennis (6’5”). This is all in addition to already signing Dexter Strickland (6’3”). It’s obvious that UNC feels they will need to load up at that position, especially with two big men coming from the Class of 2008 and three more bigs already committed for 2009. UNC will be loaded with high caliber big men. With PG Larry Drew coming in to back up Bobby Frasor next season, and Class of 2010 PG Kendall Marshall already inked, UNC is already loaded with incoming firepower, but one shooting guard from the 2009 class would make them incredibly deep. Coach Roy Williams loves to push the ball, and having a deep team makes that strategy very effective.

Given this, I just don’t see UNC going after John Wall (PG, 6’3”), even though he’s a superstar talent and probably will go quickly to the NBA. Wall still lists North Carolina, but the aura around Wall is that he’s going to be one-and-done, and UNC is already pretty set at PG without taking him. At this point, it seems (from the outside looking in) like Wall is more interested in the Heels than they are with him, but who knows? Duke hasn’t offered either, and I said this before, but when the #1 PG in the country plays in Raleigh and neither Duke or UNC have officially extended an offer, it means there is more that meets the eye, if you know what I mean.

I still think Wall looks like he’s Memphis bound, but that’s just trying to read the tea leaves. Wall is an explosive player who can really push the ball, and he would definitely be able to play in the frenetic style that UNC plays, but it may be just the situation around Wall that is keeping him from playing in Chapel Hill or Durham. That said, NC State has offered Wall as well, so if he wanted to stay close to home and play in the ACC, there is opportunity.

Oh, one last thing, Class of 2010 guard Doron Lamb(6’4”, SG) , current target of Maryland and Georgia Tech, is rumored to be considering playing for Oak Hill next season.

5 Responses to UNC Recruiting Notes, 2009; Doron Lamb to Oak Hill?

  1. packbackr04 says:

    sid needs wall more than wall needs sid.

    any word on the recent Georgetown PG that transferred heading to NCSU? I think he is Doc Rivers’ kid.

  2. Arlen says:

    You are talking about Jeremiah Rivers. I have not heard where he’s going. I had heard Indiana was a possibility, but I am not sure. I know he was used primarily as a defensive stopper for the Hoyas this year, but I’m not sure if that’s why he was leaving.

    One more thing about Wall, Sidney Lowe has already signed one of his high school teammates AND Lowe has already had success signing multiple members of the same high school team before.

  3. packbackr04 says:

    you mean Scott Wood and Julius Mays from Ind? I would hardly compare that duo to pulling in CJ leslie and Wall(if he is able to do so). no comparison. neither wood or Mays is a program changer. Wall and Leslie both have the ability to be program changers. Plus Wall will be gone by the time Leslie gets on campus as Leslie is a 2010 recruit and Wall is by all accounts a one and done player.

  4. Arlen says:

    I’m not comparing the players. I was just mentioning it because recruiting has a lot to do with relationships and ‘who you know’.

  5. packbackr04 says:

    ahhh, point taken. and you are probably right, i just feel like there is more at play here with Wall than meets the eye. if i had to put money on it. i would bet that calimari and Memphis are already OJ Mayo’ing the shit out of Wall.

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