Video: Derrick Favors

May 9, 2008

I’ve seen a few people comparing Derrick Favors (6’10”, PF) to NBA star Dwight Howard, and I’m not so sure they are wrong. Here’s some more video of pretty much everybody’s #1 player, and one thing I like about him is his attitude. He might be the kind of player who will only do one year in college, but you never know.

I really like Favors’ timing on his blocked shots. There are players who block a lot of shots just because they are tall, but Favors blocks shots with great timing, not just his height.

Favors also doesn’t just get buckets by being big and hanging around the basket, he moves without the ball and is always ready for the pass. Add in some nice post moves to get an open shot and you’ve got a serious baller.