Emmanuel Negedu, redux

May 23, 2008

Indiana Hoosiers site InsideTheHall.com has a good breakdown on Emmanuel Negedu’s (6’7″, PF, 2008 ) options and where he might end up. All of the schools would seem to offer a lot of immediate playing time, including Georgia Tech.

ACC pays off for the NBA; More DeRozan Rumors

May 23, 2008

Hey, high school basketball recruits! You want to make the NBA? Come an play in the ACC, which has 51 current NBA players, including players you’ve been watching this month like Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, and Rasheed Wallace.

DeMar DeRozan rumor follow up

In the closest thing I’ve seen regarding fact-fiding regarding DeMar DeRozan’s potential opting out of his LOI to USC, comes in this note from Nike’s HighSchoolHoop.com:

ESPN’s four-month investigation of O.J. Mayo’s relationship with Rodney Guillory, Bill Duffy Associates and USC might have a domino affect that touches the Trojans ‘08 Class. Tim Floyd’s star recruit DeMar DeRozan is supposedly going to opt out of his letter of intent if USC is punished for the Mayo fiasco.

One of the most interesting developments brought to light by this little tidbit , is how DeRozan’s dad apparently kept his high profile superstar son away from any kind of money game previously:

To add another wrinkle to the story, Guillory supposedly contacted DeRozan a few years back to get him to play on his AAU team. But DeRozan’s dad Frank had no part of it.

So, if this is to be believed (and only time will tell), IF USC gets disciplinary action for OJ Mayo, there is a good chance that DeRozan would bolt. Of course, that means that someone has to prove that USC knew that OJ Mayo was taking money. Of course, a lot of people knew. It was pretty obvious. But proving that with hard evidence might not be so simple.