Sign Up for the ACC Basketball Recruiting List (Secret Sauce Edition)

So I’ll get to the point: I come across a lot of information and not all of it can go into the blog. Sometimes, it’s because there is so much going on that there just isn’t time to add it, and I don’t like making multiple posts in a day if I can help it.

Other times, it’s because I pass along rumors and I only want to pass those along to people who are savvy enough to understand that.

The ‘Secret Sauce’

Sometimes I send out recruiting updates, player evaluations or analysis to people who are interested in the basketball recruiting in the ACC. Sometimes I might come across some cool magazine or video. This list is for hardcore fans and recruiting junkies. You might say it’s for people who are looking at what makes up the ‘secret sauce’ in the next national college basketball powerhouse, or the next NBA phenom.

To sign up, click here.

Don’t forget that when I release the 2008 ACC Basketball Recruiting Yearbook, I will be sending it to people on the list free of charge. It’s scheduled for release by the end of June 2008.

My guarantee about getting Magic Johnson to personally meet everyone on my list is still valid.

2 Responses to Sign Up for the ACC Basketball Recruiting List (Secret Sauce Edition)

  1. LewWarren says:

    Has the news I want to know

  2. Bobbijo Smith says:

    my name is bobbijo smith i am 16 and a sophmore at fairfield high school in ohio. i love basketball alot its my passion. i really would love to go somewhere some day that is my goal in life. i want to give it my all and just play ball. i love it more than i can say. and i want someone to look at me this year. i really do. i want to know that i have a chance and that someone is looking at me and my goal is coming up.

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