Boston College Recruiting: Brady Heslip

Boston College doesn’t normally tread in the same recruiting pools as Kentucky, UNC and Duke, but they manage to find players who fit their style, contribute and often even land in pro careers despite not being recruited at more ‘name’ schools. This means that Al Skinner and company know how to find hidden gems and build an actual team of contributing players. It also means ACC schools shouldn’t wait until the BC bus unloads on game day to learn about the players on the Eagles roster.

One player that has committed to the Eagles is Brady Heslip (PG/SG, 6’2″, 2010), who brings a pure shooting stroke and range to Boston College. Heslip isn’t a burner, but he’s enough of a ball handler to share guard duties. But his real weapon is his shot. He’s the type of consistent shooter that teams cannot leave open, and he’s not just a deep threat, he’s got mid range game as well. He’s also a solid free throw shooter.

Heslip’s ability to nail the big shot should allow Boston College to stretch ACC defenses and will give some versatility at the guard position.

Here’s some Brady Heslip video:

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  1. Tom G says:

    VERMONT’S COACH MIKE LONERGAN IS A GREAT FIT FOR BOSTON COLLEGE. Outside of UConn’s Coach Calhoun, Vermont’s basketball coach Mike Lonergan has more wins than ANY New England coach in the last 5 yrs. He’s gone to the Amer. East Conference Championship 3 of the last 5 yrs, winning this year and going to the NCAA Tourney. He’s got 17 yrs as a head coach and a .707 winning percentage. He won the DivIII National Championship while coaching at his alma mater, Catholic University. Lonergan can recruit from Virginia to Maine and then some. He recruited academically-inclined students to Colgate and now at Vermont. He’s a classy, energetic big-time winning coach, husband and father of four. Lonergan fits every criteria that Mr. DeFilippo has articulated. Lonergan beat Boston College when BC was #14 in the country. He beat Fairfield and neither Fairfield nor Northeastern have ever gotten to the Big Dance. Neither team or coach can come close to Lonergan’s success. For these and many other reasons, Lonergan is a great choice for BC. Check out

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