Georgia Tech’s Lone 2010 Recruit

March 19, 2010

Georgia Tech loaded up on big time talent last season, but with the possibility of early defections (especially from Derrick Favors), Paul Hewitt hasn’t been anxious to keep the recruits flowing in bunches, this year only getting a commit from Jason Morris (SF, 6’5″, 2010) so far.

Morris is an explosive leaper who will fit with the athletic style of play Paul Hewitt favors, and Morris is known for being one of the best dunkers in the 2010 class. Of course, he’ll need to work on being more than a high wire act, but the excitement factor is definitely in place.

Although Hewitt only has Morris committed, Georgia Tech is still in the mix for several other players, including Will Yeguette (SF, 6’7″, 2010).