High School Basketball Playoffs and the ACC

As high school playoffs kick off around the country, we turn our attention to the players who have committed or many end up in the ACC.

John Wall and Word of God have already lost the NCISSA 1A title game, after getting downed by United Faith as Ian Miller hit a 40-footer at the buzzer. This was only moments after Wall dribbled off of his foot and out of bounds:

Falcons senior Blake Smith hit a tying 3-point shot from the corner with 14.3 seconds left. Wall dribbled off his foot trying to take a championship-winning attempt.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, Walton is shaking up the AAAAA tournament after knocking out no.1 ranked McEachern last week. Next up, Walton will take on Norcross, the three-time defending champion. What’s important about all of this to ACC fans is that Walton has Ryan Harrow(PG, 6’0″,2010) , who is headed to NC State, and Glen Rice Jr. (SG, 6’4″, 2009), headed to Georgia Tech. Norcross has Taariq Muhammad (PG, 6’2″, 2009), who at one time was listing Wake Forest, but hasn’t mentioned them recently but still lists Virginia as a possibility.

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