ACC Tournament Tickets Go On Sale ( the Public)

February 25, 2009

For the first time since 1966, ACC Basketball Tournament tickets will go on sale to the general public. The general thinking is that the economy is driving the decision. I wrote a few days ago about the cheapest way to find ACC Tournament tickets, and I saw a few tickets a couple of days ago listing at less than $200 for a full session. Those, I think, went pretty quick.

This year’s tournament in Atlanta should be a real brawl, with several teams that could walk away with a title, so I expect that a lot of fans will take advantage of the great Georga Dome venue and the more availability of tickets…but I wonder if that will ultimately drive up demand, since a lot of fans would like to attend but didn’t have the ability to get tickets. Now, that’s changed a bit. The Georgia Dome is the largest venue that the ACC tournament will be played in, with seating for basketball at 30,000.

It’s the second time the tournament will have been played in the Georgia Dome.