Scouting Report:Watauga vs. West Caldwell

Today’s scouting report is from Justin Shockley, who scouted Tuesday’s match up between Watauga and West Caldwell.

Scouting Report

Local rivals faced off in Boone on Tuesday in a non-conference match-up. The game was a defensive struggle throughout, aided by poor shooting from both teams; however, some players were still able to showcase some of their skills. Watauga came away with the victory in this low scoring affair, 52-49 in overtime.

Kendall Jones (PG, 5’8”, 2011) for West Caldwell has great poise for an underclassman, with a quick first step and good left hand. Vastly improved shooting ability from last season and has a fluid release. While Jones is a pure PG, he has the ability to score by driving in or hitting the jumper and scored 37 points in an earlier contest this season. Court vision is decent but sometimes inconsistent and he settles for jumpers too often at times. Jones finished with 15 points in this game to go along with 6 assists. Overall, there is plenty of potential with this young player.

Yeaster Lewis (SF, 6’4”, 2009) was forced to play out of position for most of the game due to West’s lack of size in the middle, but slashed in for rebounds in the paint all game. Plays good help defense and attacks the glass on both ends. Has a strong, athletic build and makes quick moves when facing up. Lewis finished with 11 points on the night. Lewis needs to improve ball handling skills and interior passing.

Jeff Newell (PF/C 6’6”, 2009) played in the post for Watauga. Newell scored 22 for the Pioneers and showed a knack for getting the ball in a good position to score. Lacks size for his overall skill set of a PF/C but did show good touch out to about 12 feet and soft hands. Several good finesse post moves and good offensive rebounding ability. Was easily pushed around at times because he only weighs about 185.

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