The Flip Camera

December 15, 2008

This camera, is, apparently, pretty awesome and I am going to see if it works for sports video (a lot of less expensive video cameras do not do an acceptable job for the speed of a basketball game).

theFlip Ultra

After hearing so many people raving about this camera, I’m going to snag one and try it out at some basketball games soon. I first saw some video online that was shot in San Diego and I was actually stunned at the quality. Then I saw a couple more online videos shot with the Flip.

Then, the kicker: someone I knew had a flip and loved it. I really like the idea of this little camera I can take with me to basketball games and pickup games to get some quick video. Let me know if you have one and whether you like it / don’t like it.

I really want to get a slim camera like this because I don’t like lugging a full video camera everywhere (and some places it causes problems). I also like how it can download quickly right to the laptop, so I envision being able to shoot some hoops video in a gym or a game and pop it online in a minute or two. I might try it out at the Frank Spencer Classic if I can, which starts this week.

Taran Buie vs. Tobias Harris

Two potential ACC recruits battled it out over the weekend and here is a rundown of the match up between Tobias Harris (PF, 6’7″, 2010) and Taran Buie (PG/SG, 6’0″, 2010). Buie scored 24 points in the win, and is being recruited by Maryland and Georgia Tech (and just about everyone else in the ACC), while Harris is also being recruited by Maryland as well as Wake Forest.