Duke is Recruiting John Wall

So maybe it’s something that nobody thought would happen, but Duke is recruiting top point guard John Wall.

Since NC State has been recruiting Wall for some time, who knows if Duke even has a chance to get involved? But it seems that Wall has shown at least a little interest. Duke going after Wall is either:

1. a sign that they feel they will need a point guard next season (with rumors that Nolan Smith might want to try to turn pro) after losing the recruiting battle for Kenny Boynton to Florida.

2. John Wall’s attitude may have changed, and possible the ‘factors’ that have been, up until now, keeping Duke and UNC away from Wall are losing potency.

I guess time will tell.

8 Responses to Duke is Recruiting John Wall

  1. packbackr04 says:

    what “factors” were keeping Wall from being interested in Duke and UNC?

  2. Marcus says:

    It wasn’t Wall’s lack of interest, from rumors, it was the other way around.

  3. Hopefully that previous lack of interest left a bad taste in his mouth. We need Wall in Raleigh, not Durham.

  4. packbackr04 says:

    coach k is such a douche. who would ever say to someone and not expect to get popped “we looked at your grades and they werent as bad as we thought so now we want to recruit you”

    Wall -you dont want that light weight pen stealing f@#^face as your coach

  5. Marcus says:

    I think this is a case where Duke got caught behind the curve. They must have felt pretty strongly that they were going to get Boynton.

  6. Alan Stanlinni says:

    Wall is better off going somewhere other than tobacco road… We never had interest in him at Chapel Hill.. We have Brandon and Ed! Duke and State both are no match… Does State even have a basketball program, losers? And Duke….whatever!

  7. josh says:

    duke will either get wall whose the best player in the nation or bledsoe a pg that averages a triple double who is a little down grades but will squeak by. John walls a duke fan, but it is bledsoe’s dream to play for duke

  8. Time is izz says:

    I’m still quite surprised few had him on their radar.

    October 2006

    Elite 75 Prep Showcase


    The Elite 75 Prep Showcase in Gastonia , NC , perhaps the premier fall showcase in the state of North Carolina , took place recently and Patrick Stanwood stopped by and had a chance to evaluate some of the talent.

    John Wall 2009/Sophomore 6’2 PG Word of God in Raleigh , NC

    This recently reclassified lead guard is lethal when his jump shot is falling! We like him at the PG position where he’s able to quickly beat his defender and dish to open teammates or finish at rim level…likely a top 100 player nationally.

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