NC State Wolfpack Basketball Tickets

Here’s another schedule of games for the ACC, this time we feature the NC State Wolfpack.

Notable games on the schedule include a trip to Charlotte on December 6 to take on Stephen Curry and the Davidson Wildcats, and later at trek to Gainesville to take on Billy Donavon’s Florida Gators on January 3rd. The Florida game comes in a tough away stretch, being followed by a game at Clemson which could be pivotal for the Pack’s season.

Get NC State Wolfpack Basketball Tickets

The Wolfpack take on Duke at Cameron Indoor in Durham on January 20th, UNC at home on January 31st and in Chapel Hill on February 18th.

And of course, all the games in between, such as Wake Forest, Maryland and Boston College.

4 Responses to NC State Wolfpack Basketball Tickets

  1. packbackr04 says:

    so what youre saying is, we desperately need Favors and Wall to commit?

  2. Marcus says:

    NC State already has a good recruiting class coming in. I don’t think that getting one year players like Favors and Wall are a ‘must have’ for them to make the NCAA tournament, although the Pack would sure like to have those guys,

  3. packbackr04 says:

    until NC State has a PG that can score more than he turns it over, they will struggle. Javi and Degand are not ACC caliber players IMO. Sid of all people should know that the ACC is a guards league and until the pack can find good guard play, they will dwell in the basement of the ACC

  4. Marcus says:

    Lorenzo Brown will help, but he’s not a pure PG.

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