Ryan Kelly and John Wall are Superbad; Thornton commits

The Raleigh News&Observer is gushing over the fact that high school basketball in Raleigh this winter will have two major superstars, Ryan Kelly (PF, 6’10”, 2009, Duke), and John Wall (PG, 6’4″, 2009, uncommitted) playing their senior seasons in town this season:

There have been players like John Wall before and players like Ryan Kelly before — but never have there been two that good, among the absolute best in the country, at the same time.

Kelly is going to shock some people when they see him play in the ACC, especially if he continues to improve at the rate he has in the past. Wall still is one of the biggest prizes that colleges are still after, so no telling at this point what’s going to happen with him.

Marcus Thornton

There’s no doubt any longer about forward Marcus Thornton (PF,6’7″,2010), who has decided to play for the Clemson Tigers. Thornton had other ACC offers from Wake Forest, Virgina Tech and Maryland, and although he’s listed as a combo forward on several sites,I think he’s a pure post player at this point. He’s a guy who understands how to play in the paint.

4 Responses to Ryan Kelly and John Wall are Superbad; Thornton commits

  1. PrepChamps says:

    I guess they don’t remember when we had shavlik randolph, shawan robinson and anthony richardson playing at the same time a few years back – all top players who went on to play in the ACC.

  2. Marcus says:

    I find it funny when people make these claims every year – it’s like history is forgotten every season.

  3. rashaan murray says:

    Shawan Robinson(Clemson), Chris Wilcox(UM,NBA), PJ Tucker(TEXAS), Anthony Richardson(FSU), Shavlik Randolph(DUKE), Cameron Stanley(WAKE/WINTHROP), Mike Bell(NCSU), Eric Williams(WAKE), DJ Thompson(APP ST.) all played at the same time during the yrs 99-2002 in the raleigh area..while Jon Wall is great as well as Ryan Kelly it will never match that period of Raleigh Prep Hoops

  4. B says:

    im from raleigh and i’ve been here for all of those players but how many of those guys u just named are factors in the NBA???? Chris Wilcox is the only one who gets minutes and/or made it to the league…these guys in this generation now will all be high level players and make noise in the league thats the difference and take this from a true Raleigh, NC basketball fan!

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