John Henson Basketball Video

November 3, 2008

The 2009 phenom SF John Henson (SF, 6’10”, 2009) is a player who I’ve said is a wing who woke up one day and had big man height. Henson is a good shooter, and not ‘big man’ range only. He’s a player who can light it up from the outside.

The difference that Henson brings is that unlike some guys with size who can play SG (Kobe Bryant, Mike Dunleavy), Henson has big man blocking skills. Being able to block a ton of shots as a big man has as much to do with timing as it does height.

Sure, being 6’10” makes it easier to block shots, but there are tons of big men who aren’t really shot blockers at all.

Here’s some video of Henson: