John Henson talks about his change in schools

Recently, John Henson (SF, 6’10”, 2009), a UNC commit and rising superstar, relocated to the Tampa area to play basketball for Sickles High School, bringing his big time game and a level of notoriety to the school.

In this interview with Henson by Tampa Bay Online, he talks about the move and what it’s been like going from a 6’4″ guard to a 6’10” big time prospect in such a short time:

When you grew 6 inches in 18 months, what was that experience like?

It was tough, because when I first shot up, my knees were hurting, I couldn’t run and it hurt to jump. It was tough, but once my body adjusted, my knees stopped hurting and my feet stopped hurting. My game improved so much after everything settled in.

One of the reasons I think Henson will be playing the wing at UNC is because he’s got guard skills, and not just ‘big man’ guard skills, but actual guard skills.

2 Responses to John Henson talks about his change in schools

  1. PrepChamps says:

    He’s going to develop into a versatile player and a tough match-up for anyone who guards him when he plays at UNC. I wish I could grow 6 inches in 18 months…

  2. Marcus says:

    No doubt! One thing about Henson is that he played as a guard until relatively recently, and he’s still developing ‘big man’ skills. I think UNC got a real superstar in the making, but it will be tough to keep him around for long in Chapel Hill.

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