Basketball Coaches Dry-Erase Clipboard

September 11, 2008

Maybe the best part about being a coach is molding young lives…or maybe it’s the reward of knowing that all that practice will pay off in a few extra points in overtime.

Or maybe it’s the time when you’re huddled on the sideline, with 0:04 left on the clock, as you crank out the dry erase marker and slash out the unexpected game winning play that will leave the other coach stunned.

For $20 (Amazonian), you can’t beat the thrill of being the ultimate play master . Who says there’s no strategy in basketball? My clipboard says you’ll never see the winning bucket until the buzzer sounds!

(I thought about drawing a winning play on the basketball coaches clipboard above, but I did not wish to help my future opponents in any way.)

Dry Erase Coaching Clipboard