Ryan Kelly Relaxes; Clemson gets Hill

Ryan Kelly (PF, 6’10”, 2009) has played a lot of ball recently, so he’s relaxing at the beach as he mulls over his eventual college destination.

As we discussed previsouly, Kelly recently trimmed his list:

Last week, Kelly trimmed his list of potential colleges to six.

The finalists are (in no particular order, he stressed): North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgetown, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame.

“They are all great academic institutions, and I believe I would fit in well at any of them whether I was playing athletics or not,” Kelly said.

Kelly has really come on over the past few months into a player with a shot at a pro career. I am not sure which school Kelly would fit into the best.

Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris (PF,6’8″,2010) Has so many offers that it would be unfair to say that he’s primarily an ACC target, but with offers reported from Maryland, Virginia, Wake and Miami, it’s safe to say he’s on the ACC radar.

Clemson gets commit from Donte Hill

Donte Hill (SG, 6’5″, 2009) has committed to the Clemson Tigers. Hill is listed as a SG on several sites but at this point plays more like a SF. Several places list him at SG because his height is listed between 6’3″ and 6’5″, so the ‘formula’ would seem to dictate that if he’s 6’3″, he’ll play SG and if he’s 6’5″, he’ll play SF.

Right now, I’d say he’s a SF, but he still has another year to go to develop his guard skills. He can handle the ball very well, especially in transition.

3 Responses to Ryan Kelly Relaxes; Clemson gets Hill

  1. GATOR says:

    Donte has flown under the radar because of the politics of the Boo Williams program. they choose not to play him for whatever reason, and his name did not get out there this aau season. the locals in Hampton Roads area know what he can do. He was on the verge of blowing up after last aau season and a monster high school season. He plays on a really bad high school team, that is always ranked higher than they should be, because of Donte’s exploits. He is constantly double teamed or played box-in-1, and still managed to score 22 pts a game last year. Clemson is getting a very under-rated player that can play 3 positions for them. I look forward to watching his college career in the acc!

  2. Marcus says:

    That’s good insight, I need to see him play more. I like his transition game.

  3. DRE says:

    Donte is a BEAST! Been watching him for a while, and the kid has a complete game. He has been killing grown men (on the Navy Base) since he was like 12. He is like 6’4 1/2 or 6’5 now, with a strong body. I think he is a point guard, but I guess you could say he is a combo because of his size. He reminds me of o.j. mayo and derrick rose mixed togeter. I cant believe more big basketball schools have not snatched him up already. I thought he was going to Marquette or Virginia Tech, but I heard they backed off because he was hurt all summer. Clemson came up on this one. He will be the star of that team by his sophmore year. He might be the best defender they have as a freshman. He can lock up the best player on any team. watch what I am telling you.

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