Shaun Pratl, under the radar

August 1, 2008

Shaun Pratl (PF, 6’8″, 2009) looks like the type of big man who should have a bushel of offers, with size, hands and agility to run the floor. But because Pratl is a two-sport star, many colleges aren’t offering because he hasn’t decided which sport to focus on. Pratl is a Top 100 football prospect as well.

However, it does seem odd in a college basketball landscape starved for athletic, effective big men that colleges from all over the country (especially mid-majors) wouldn’t be trying to woo him to play on the hardwood for them. A quick look at a couple of recruiting services and Pratl isn’t even listed as a basketball prospect at all, which could be the basis of the issue. It isn’t a lack of basketball prowess:

As a player, though, what’s not to like? Pratl is not your typical football-playing big man in basketball. He’s agile, runs the floor with ease, can get off the floor and finish in transition with a dunk.

What’s most surprising is not the low amount of schools who are watching Pratl, but the low number of offers: two.

Even after Pratl helped his team win the state 4-A title, he still isn’t getting noticed. Here’s official notice, basketball schools should make sure that they are aware that Pratl is not just a football star.