Hoop Dreams Q & A

Hoop Dreams creator Terrell White was kind enough to give us a follow up Q & A on his cartoon creation, which focuses on a young basketball player, trying to use basketball to achieve success in life. You can read the original post about Hoop Dreams here.

Q: When and where will the series be seen?

A: At this time, I really can’t say when Hoop Dreams is going to be seen, but hopefully when it’s all said and done, the series will be on a major cartoon network (such as Disney or Cartoon Network). What I do know is whoever picks up Hoop Dreams will not be disappointed.

Q: Can you provide some context to the world that T lives in? How much will they deal with outside influences such as drugs, violence and poverty?

A:The world T lives in is not your ideal kind of place. You would not want to raise your kids there. It is a place where gangs and drugs run the streets, and where poverty is the way of life. T separates himself from all the daily outside influences by staying focused on basketball, and surrounding himself with a good group of friends that share the same goal of one day making it out of the ghetto.

Q: Will the series touch on some of the underbelly of basketball, such as unscrupulous promoters, etc?

A: Hoop Dreams will touch on many of the topics related to the underbelly of basketball, and present them in a way that kids can become aware of these situations and overcome them. This cartoon will illustrate how some kids who have everything stacked against them with inadequate school systems, broken families, and poverty, can still rise above it all by never giving up on their dreams.

Q: Are the characters based on real people?

A: All the characters are based on real life people. The main character T is based on me. The other characters are mostly family and friends that I grew up and went to school with in California.

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