Terps to add a big man, shore up 2008

Gary Williams needs inside players in the worst way, and it was no secret that there was a good chance that Maryland wasn’t done for the Class of 2008. Now it appears that Maryland has at least gotten some interior help coming in Steve Goins (C, 6’10”, 2008), a recruit who can score the ball.

Can’t help but wonder if Maryland won’t try to bring in another body in this class. They lost scoring and inside play with the recruits who decided to bail, and Maryland already was thin with the graduation losses. What’s really worrisome is the situation with Sean Mosley, a really stable player who hasn’t gotten through the NCAA Clearinghouse (which, in case you were unaware, is to whom that college athletes in DI or DII must submit their “core” class high school transcripts and standardized test scores).

That might just be a blip on the radar for Mosley, but is magnified when Maryland is having so much misfortune with their other recruits.

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