Kevin Parrom: A fit for Clemson?

June 21, 2008

Kevin Parrom (6’5″, SF, 2009) may be from NYC but he is still considering South Carolina and Clemson, as stated in this interview with Alex of Northstar Basketball:

NB: You mentioned colleges, what are some of the schools that you’re considering right now?
KP: Xavier, St. John’s, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Marquette, [and] South Carolina

There are two things that Alex digs into that are important to note is that Parrom had an altercation with his previous head coach (yikes!) and that the game Alex scouted he did nothing of note:

Flat-out, Kevin Parrom didn’t show the crowd all that much in the game I saw him play. He didn’t stand out at all. The 6’4 junior was almost non-existent in first half, when he scored just three points and was only 1/3 at the free throw line. In the second 16 minutes of play, Parrom was a bit better. He drove to the hoop and was aggressive. Overall, though, this was a poor performance for Kevin, and not a great game to judge him on.

The thing to note here is that Oliver Purnell has made it clear with the 2008 recruiting class that he goes after players who not only can play at the ACC level but are good students and represent Clemson well. It’s hard to say at this point if Parrom is a good fit for Clemson.

This is not to say this is the full story, so stay tuned…

NABC: No more eighth-graders

June 20, 2008

The National Association of Basketball Coaches has come out strongly opposed to recruiting any more players who have not completed their sophomore season of high school. This latest ‘dust up’ is happening because of the recent early commitment of Michael Avery (6’4″, 2012) to Kentucky. Adding to the mix is that the NABC president is former Kentucky head coach Tubby Smith:

“If the current rules state coaches cannot offer scholarships or accept commitments from students earlier than June 15 following the conclusion of the sophomore year, it certainly makes sense that this should apply to anyone in lower grades,” said NABC president Tubby Smith in a written statement released by the association.

The saga of Michael Avery is one where coach Billy Gillespie may look like a genius or have made an infamous legend out of his career. Michael apparently go an offer after Gillespie had barely seen him play:

“Michael came off the bench each half and had a good game against some really good competition. From what I understand, he displayed a total skill set and the basketball IQ to know when and where to use that skill set within the context of the game. I think that’s what really impressed coach Gillispie.”

Recruiting is a tough game and coaches like Gillespie are trying to secure talent any way they can. However, it seems rare that any coach would take a chance on someone so young, and seems a detriment to the player’s options and development. Additionally, players in high school are teens, and still developing. Many players are still maturing all through their teen years and to offer a player so early seems very risky.

Consider the case of one Russell Westbrook, where our pal Randy has written this outstanding post about the UCLA guard who is considered a lock for the first round of the NBA draft, but could not dunk a basketball until he was 17. Several top programs completely missed the boat on Westbrook:

Actually, about two years ago, you were more likely to hear him called “Russell Who?” than Russell Westbrook. Or maybe you’d hear him called “That New Guy.” Or “That Dude Who Got an Offer only Because Jordan Farmar Left for the NBA.”

Chime in one this. I’d love to hear from fans about how they feel in the recruitment of fourteen year old players.

Brian Oliver picks Georgia Tech

June 19, 2008

Brian Oliver
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Another player who I should have written about before. Brian Oliver (6’6″,SF,2009) has picked the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets as his college team. Oliver currently plays for Oak Hill Academy and also had offers from Cincinnati, Miami and Virgina Tech.

Lance Stephenson is still considering UNC

June 19, 2008

Alex comes through AGAIN with money interviews. This time it’s none other than ‘Born Ready’, AKA Lance Stephenson, who earlier reports claimed had trimmed his list to UK, Kansas and UCLA. Not so, says Lance:

NB: Are there any other schools that are a little bit further behind . . . that you’re also considering? Anyone in particular?
LS: Memphis, St. John’s, [Pause] Indiana, and North Carolina.

That’s right…UNC is still in the mix, along with Memphis. Check out the full run down here.

I just want to give a shout out to Alex for sending the email to let me know about this.

Reggie Bullock bleeds Carolina Blue

June 18, 2008

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Reggie Bullock (6’6″, SF, 2010) understands the Carolina history, growing up just a few miles down the road in Kinston, NC, the same eastern North Carolina town that produced UNC alum Jerry Stackhouse.

Alex Schwartz is continuing with terrific one-on-one chats with players of ACC interest, and he’s posted an interview with Bullock, who talks about why he chose UNC, who he thinks his game resembles and what his weaknesses are. More great stuff from Alex.

I had a chance to watch Bullock play with the CP3 All-Stars recently and will post my thoughts in an upcoming post.

Oh yeah, and Arlen says to remind everyone to join his list and meet Magic Johnson.

Negedu picks Tennesee

June 17, 2008

The whirlwind race to land Emmanuel Negedu is over. is reporting that the 2008 PF has decided on Tennessee, choosing the Vols over Georgia Tech, Memphis and Indiana. It really comes as no surprise, the race seemingly had come down to Bruce Pearl vs. John Calipari.

ACC Basketball Recruiting Roundup, 6/17/2008

June 17, 2008

So lots of stuff to get into…

Emmanuel Negedu, Memphis dunkasaurus session

Emmanuel Negedu (6’7″, PF, 2008 ) is expected to make his decision this week. So far the quietest visits were Tennesee and Georgia Tech, but lots of writers chimed in on his Indiana and Memphis visits. The consensus from the outside looking in has been that Indiana did not impress him as much as they wanted but the Memphis visit went well. One highlight of the Tiger visit was Negedu showing off his dunkability:

After the practice was over, Negedu stepped on the court and demonstrated his jumping ability. I had heard a rumor that he could stand underneath the basket, jump up and touch his forehead on the rim. While I did not see him do this, I can say that I think it is very possible. Negedu, while wearing flip flops, showed off a variety of windmill and backwards dunks.

Okay, flip-flops? I am equally impressed and worried that he would slip and fall, probably tearing his ACL in a season ending collapse. I seriously hope the ‘flip-flops’ weren’t those flimsy shower slippers and maybe something with a buckle? I mean, windmill dunks in flip-flops…who are you, Evel Knievel? (for all you kids out there, Mr. Kneival was a daredevil motorscylist from way back in the day…)

Meanwhile, Adam Zagoria has spoken to Negedu’s prep schoool coach, who plays it close to the vest…but this should all be over this week.

John Henson and the national team

So it turns out John Henson (6’10”, SF/PF, 2009, UNC) wasn’t snubbed for the US basketball U-18 team:

One of the fastest-rising prospects in recent years, Henson was asked to compete for a spot on the national team but didn’t want to miss Nike’s LeBron James Skills Academy in Akron from July 5-9.

So Henson just decided to go a different way, NOT USA Basketball ignoring him.

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Doron Lamb’s ‘dream school’

Meanwhile, it looked like Doron Lamb (6’4″,SG,2010) a Duke, Maryland and Georgia Tech target, was favoring Louisville, but now he says there is no leader although Syracuse is his ‘dream school’. Looks like it will be tough to get him away from the Big East. Maybe, if that that’s true, Maryland has the best shot?

Dante Taylor

Our boy Alex Schwartz is the man when it comes to talking to some of the best prospects in the East. Check out this awesome interview with offensive stud Dante Taylor (6’8″, PF, 2009), who is a Maryland target. Although it seems like he’s gettin’ a lot of Big East love, Maryland needs an inside scorer in the worst way.

Lorenzo Brown, Wolfpack bound?

June 16, 2008

Trying to read the tea leaves in recruiting is about as accurate as trying to guess which Hollywood star is going to enter the Betty Ford center in two years. But I thought I’d take a moment to point out that Lorenzo Brown (6’4″, PG, 2009) has visited the state of North Carolina three times in the past month; once for the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions (which was unscheduled AND he had to tag along with another AAU team), the Chris Paul skills camp in Winston-Salem and now the NC State elite camp. I know Wolfpackers are really hoping Sidney Lowe can close the deal on Brown, and he certainly seems to like things in North Carolina, or at the very least is doing a very good job of learning as much as he can about the area and NC State.

Even though Brown is a top player who will see significant minutes and has gotten offers from schools like Florida and Memphis, the ACC hasn’t really poured out offers for Brown. I have not read of a single ACC school with a confirmed offer except the Pack. So it stands to reason that Brown’s visits to NC are related to the Wolfpack offer.

Brown certainly fits the profile of recent Lowe recruits, versatile decision makers with a strong mid range game. It was pretty obvious last season that the Wolfpack had issues with poise and running the offense, and their best floor general was a big man. Lowe’s recruits in 2008 should help, and if he secures Brown it will further the cause.

Wake Forest in good shape with Tristan Spurlock

June 15, 2008

courtesy has a report that not only does Tristan Spurlock (6’6″, SF, 2009) still list Wake Forest as one of his options, but that they are “in good shape” with him:

Spurlock now claims offers from Clemson, Wake Forest, Georgetown, N.C.State, Virginia, and Florida State. Although Spurlock has a long list of suitors already, Wake Forest is still in the running. “Wake is in good shape with me,” he said. “I am still very interested in Wake and I plan on visiting them this summer. The only visit I have set in stone right now is to Virginia this weekend.”

So there is a good chance that Spurlock will be playing his college ball in the ACC.

Hoop Dreams, Brought to Animated Life

June 14, 2008

Most of us remember Hoop Dreams as a documentary about trying to make it big in the game of basketball. But the concept is really about trying to use one’s talents as a means of achieving a better life.

Sports artist Terrell White has created a new animated series, appropriately titled ‘Hoop Dreams’, which follows a young basketball player in his quest to achieve success on the hardwood:

The new Hoop Dreams is an animated cartoon that stars a group of kids, in which the main character, T, is a young basketball player who is determined to use his talents as a way out of the “hard” life. While T showcases his basketball skills in the neighborhood, he also strives to overcome the many obstacles of adolescence and never loses sight of the importance of maintaining good grades in school, avoiding fights, and falling temptation to easy money and gifts.

I’m going to be following up with some more information on this cool series.