Ryan Harrow commits to NC State

Ryan Harrow (PG, 6’0″, 2010) has made it official: He’s headed to play at NC State. The Georgia star had made no secret that he liked the Pack.

Wake Forest, Clemson and Auburn were some of the other schools that were in the picture, although only NC State had offered from the ACC. Harrow is a very quick guard with excellent ball handling. He can burn and slip right through the defense, but will probably need to get stronger by the time he gets to NC State.

8 Responses to Ryan Harrow commits to NC State

  1. packbackr04 says:

    could this get the ball rolling for Lorenzo Brown to commit and possibly Favors and Wall?

  2. Arlen says:

    Saw a video interview with Harrow and he sure seems to think Brown is going to play at State.

    I am trying to get some more info on Wall. As for Favors, a lot of people in Georgia think he’s going to stay in the state of Georgia.

  3. thesportsidiot says:

    I do not expect Favors to wind up in Raleigh. Brown, however, should be in a Wolfpack uniform when he begins college. When combined with CJ Williams, the Pack are going to have a nice foundation laid. If they can land Wall, sign Brown, and add one more quality big, people will not be able to harp on recruiting very much.

  4. thesportsidiot says:

    Did I mean CJ Leslie instead of Williams? I’m confused?

  5. packbackr04 says:

    CJ Williams a SF that will be a freshman this yr… he is 3 star player out of fayetnam. evidently, neither CJ Williams or Julius Mays (Sids 2 incoming players this yr) are program changers but could be solid contributors with some experience.
    CJ Leslie is huge, we need him in a bad way. Hopefully, Leslie and Harrow can convince Lo Brown Raleigh is the place to be.
    I am hopeful that Johnny Thomas will be able to contribute for the pack this yr. he busted his knee pretty bad last yr and missed out on his freshamn campaign. i hear his knee is not healing that well and he may not be back this yr either (if ever) any news on that?

  6. davionce says:

    Ryans descision on goin to Nc state will highyl affect lorenzo’s descion on playin iv grown up with ryan hes like my brother and lorenzo is as close to family as it gets for him.The two have been playin ball together for years.

  7. Woody says:

    Man..ive played with ryan and against ryan for yrs as much as i played against lorenzo …umm ryan is a hell of a player and will provide N.C. state with alot of good things such as assist and scoring and so will lorenzo ..Ryan and Lo is gonna be a Dynamic Duo when ryan gets done with walton watch im telling u..If they land Derrick is a rap..point blank period..

  8. BillP2000 says:

    Ryan is the hidden gen in the entire class of 2010. I remember seeing him play for Team Georgia’s 15-under Elite Team….Ryan was about 9 years old. The best of the best were on the floor and Ryan was light years above and beyond them all even then. By halftime he had about 16 points and 16 assists. His ability to see the floor is absolutely extraordinary. But his most remarkable asset is his ability to make everyone around him play to the height of their ability; it’s as though he makes them an extention of his will….to dominate and destroy. He truly does remind one of Chris Paul with the shooting touch of a Stephon Curry. This kid is going to take the Country by storm and surprise! I can’t wait to see him at the D1 level. He’s unstoppable!

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