Kenny Boynton lists Duke, Georgia Tech and… reports that Kenny Boynton is getting ready to take his visits. But they are also reporting that Boynton’s list includes Georgia Tech.

He has reasons for ending up at all five schools on his list.

Meanwhile, Manny Atkins (SG\SF, 6’5″, 2009) is going to Virginia Tech. I haven’t seen Manny play much but maybe he will be playing in the GBOA South this weekend.

8 Responses to Kenny Boynton lists Duke, Georgia Tech and…

  1. packbackr04 says:

    i hear wall is narrowing his list of schools? any word on that?

    what about Phil Taylor for next years class?

  2. Arlen says:

    Yeah, the word is that he will be narrowing his list after a couple more camps.

    I had heard of a lot NC State interest in Taylor, but it is still early.

  3. packbackr04 says:

    what is the scoop on Ryan Harrow?

  4. Arlen says:

    No sooner than I saw the comment, I saw is reporting Harrow has committed.

  5. packbackr04 says:

    can he play? or is this further evidence that Sidney Lowe has absolutley no idea what he is doing?

  6. Arlen says:

    He is freakishly quick and can flat out handle the ball. The big thing is going to be whether he can grow big enough to be effective in the ACC. Some smaller players have made it, but he needs to add muscle.

    I think his basketball skills are very strong, but it’s somewhat of a gamble this early. I think Lowe is thinking that if he waits and Harrow fills out, he will be competing with a lot of programs for him.

  7. packbackr04 says:

    maybe Sid is feeling like he missed out a little with Chris Warren this year? Warren is a smaller PG and he had a terrific yr in the SEC. That worked out real well for the pack(rolls eyes), and no knock on Javi Gonzales, but he is no Chris Warren… Yeah, i saw a photo of Harrow and he looks tiny, but he is only 15 or 16 yrs old right? can Harrow shoot the rock? after watching last year, NC State definitely needs some shooters, and im not sure Scott Wood is the answer… is this a Sid recruit or a Larry Harris or Monte Towe recuit?

  8. Arlen says:

    This is Sid all the way, I think. I haven’t seen enough of Harrow yet to give an accurate assessment of his shooting range.

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