ACC Basketball Recruiting Roundup; 6/24/2008

And now…Roger Franklin
A player we’ve not discussed so far is Roger Franklin (6’6″, SF, 2009), a Texas player who has offers from Virgina and Indiana (among several others), told that Georgia Tech has been recruiting him heavily.

Franklin is an extremely smart solid player, who has a great game in the paint and plays good defense. He’s very strong and his shot is decent. Really, Franklin will be a solid get for whichever team lands him. It has been said that Indiana has a good shot at him. Stay tuned.

Maryland, meet Sterling Gibbs

Alex has an interview with Sterling Gibbs (PG, 6’1″, 2011), a player who’s grown a little since he first came on the radar and whose brother will play for Pitt next season.

While Sterling says Arizona is his ‘dream school’, someone let Gary Williams know that he’s interested in Maryland.

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