Kevin Parrom: A fit for Clemson?

Kevin Parrom (6’5″, SF, 2009) may be from NYC but he is still considering South Carolina and Clemson, as stated in this interview with Alex of Northstar Basketball:

NB: You mentioned colleges, what are some of the schools that you’re considering right now?
KP: Xavier, St. John’s, Pittsburgh, Clemson, Marquette, [and] South Carolina

There are two things that Alex digs into that are important to note is that Parrom had an altercation with his previous head coach (yikes!) and that the game Alex scouted he did nothing of note:

Flat-out, Kevin Parrom didn’t show the crowd all that much in the game I saw him play. He didn’t stand out at all. The 6’4 junior was almost non-existent in first half, when he scored just three points and was only 1/3 at the free throw line. In the second 16 minutes of play, Parrom was a bit better. He drove to the hoop and was aggressive. Overall, though, this was a poor performance for Kevin, and not a great game to judge him on.

The thing to note here is that Oliver Purnell has made it clear with the 2008 recruiting class that he goes after players who not only can play at the ACC level but are good students and represent Clemson well. It’s hard to say at this point if Parrom is a good fit for Clemson.

This is not to say this is the full story, so stay tuned…

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