Lance Stephenson Updates his List

Lance Stephenson (6’5″,SG,2009) had narrowed his list to three schools (USC, Kansas and UCLA), but now he’s dropped USC and added Kentucky. I know it’s not an ACC story but it’s just too dang entertaining to ignore. Normally, I’d just send this little tidbit out to my email list.

This all started by this blog entry by Adam Zagoria, a very reputable source and cool guy (hey, Adam!). If you aren’t reading Adam’s blog regularly, you are missing out.

2 Responses to Lance Stephenson Updates his List

  1. John Wall says:

    Everybody is sayin that lance stephenson should be tha top player in 2009, well NO he shouldnt… he hasnt proved himself and im tha most saught after player in my class

  2. Marcus says:

    Right now, Lance does seem to have a lot to prove.

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