UNC Basketball Recruit John Henson Interview

Rivals.com has an interview with John Henson (6’10”, SF/PF, 2009), who has already committed to the North Carolina Tar Heels. In this interview Henson talks about his recent meteoric rise in the national rankings and being compared to former UNC one and done phenom Brandon Wright:

“I think it’s great to be compared to a guy like him, and I believe my game is similar in many aspects but it also differs because I like to play
outsidea lot more than Wright. That’s definitely the main thing that I do more so than him, playing more on the perimeter.”

Comparisons between Wright and Henson are only accurate in that both are slender post players coming in highly touted. Wright was a phenomenal inside scorer, while Henson has the handle and agility to play the small forward. Henson can shoot from deep and slash like a guard.

I still think Henson is going to play the SF spot in the pros and probably will at UNC.

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