Maryland Recruit Tyree Evans is on the Road Again

So Maryland and Gary Williams decided to take a chance on Tyree Evans, a player who has bounced around several teams, been offered, then had those offers rescinded from several programs.

In mid April, Tyree was going to finally get his life and basketball career on track. ACC fans envisioned Evans and Greivis Vasquis in the backcourt and imagined Maryland could be back as a national power.

But, a little over a month later, Evans bailed again.

The reality is, Maryland probably dodged a bullet; for all his basketball prowess, Evans was not the answer. It’s sad, that some people will throw away their talent, but that is what we are witnessing with Evans. At best, Evans will play some semi pro ball or play some overseas ball. More likely, he will continue to bounce around and continue to think basketball will provide him with infinite opportunities.

This is the bad part about watching young players who think they are going to easily make a fortune with their basketball skill. For every player who barely makes an NBA roster, there are thousands and thousands who don’t. For a shooting guard with off the court issues and a stigma of unreliability, the chances of landing and keeping a pro job are slim.

3 Responses to Maryland Recruit Tyree Evans is on the Road Again

  1. As a die-hard terps fan, I’m glad that this happened. It really seemed like a stretch to go after Evans. With the program on the brink of disaster (missing the tournament 3 out of the past 4 years), this would have cost Gary his job if this situation backfired.

    I honestly can’t believe that Evans blew this opportunity. Although, I don’t know the exact facts, so I can’t be too hard on him.

    The bottom line is with MD’s guard-heavy rotation (Vasquez, Hayes, Tucker, Bowie, and a few recruits coming in as freshman), I wasn’t sure why Gary was recruiting another guard in the first place.

  2. Roger says:

    Reports here in Ohio have Evans walking on at Kent State this year (and apparently doing pretty well early on…). Hopefully it works out for everybody involved.

  3. Marcus says:

    I hope so, I don’t want Tyree to be another story of squandered potential.

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