Top Fives for April

College Hoop Blog has a poll of the top five players watched in April by several top scouts.

You should read the entire listing over there, but I created sort of a ‘cross reference’ of the most named prospects:

– Kenny Boynton 6’2″ G
– John Henson 6’10” PF (Commited to North Carolina)
– John Wall, 6’2″ PG
– Xavier Henry, 6’6″ SG

I did not see any players other than these listed more than once. One thing that jumps out at me is how much attention John Wall is getting, and why only one North Carolina school (Wall’s home state) has offered him (NC State). I think it is the heavy “power broker” influence that has been spotted in connection with Wall, the types of people that get their hooks in kids and get them to go pro early or go to certain schools. Wall is definitely talented to play anywhere in the ACC, including UNC and Duke, but no offers from them, and they are right down the road. They’ve seen him play. So they are actively NOT offering him.

At any rate, it is not my goal to get into speculation over where or why recruits are going, I’d rather focus on assessments of players, so I am going to be listing some in the near future. I’m also getting my list of targets I want to see in person.

Don’t forget to sign up for the 2008 ACC Basketball Recruiting Annual Report, by signing up for the email updates you will automatically get on the list for it when it is published. It’ll be free, despite the professional layout.

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