Georgia Tech Recruiting 2008

If you were coaching a college basketball team and you were only going to sign one player for the year, why not sign a Mickey D’s All American? Sounds like a good plan, and that’s exactly what Paul Hewitt has done in signing Iman Shumpert, a big guard who is probably going to see serious minutes immediately and may become an elite guard in the ACC. The thing is, will Shumpert stick around? Hewitt has suffered the same affliction as Rick Barnes of Texas, in that he loses his top recruits to the pros almost as soon as they arrive, and he doesn’t have a backstock of recruits like Duke or UNC.

It’s like starting over every year.

2008 ACC Basketball Recruiting Annual Report

By the way, I’m putting together a 2008 ACC college basketball recruiting yearbook to wrap up the 2008 class. It will have write ups on each team, the players who they have coming in for the 2008 class, and how I think they might fare in the ACC.

It’s a lot of work to put together, and I am working on getting some professional layout and graphics, but I am not planning on charging for it (even though I am sure I could). If you are interested in getting a copy, sign up for the email update list (over in the nav bar to your right) or you can click this link and sign up. I’m not going to just post this online where people can swipe it, but I am willing to give it out to people who are interested in ACC basketball recruiting. I’ll post more as I get it finalized.

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