Daniel Orton, lazy or just not challenged?

April 20, 2008

Maryland target Daniel Orton has gotten the ‘lazy’ tag, but he is a big body that entices a lot of top programs. In the last two tournaments, Orton showed that he can be a force when he puts his mind to it. It’s really tough to gauge how players like that develop in college, but a lot of times it can mean missed potential? I remember the knock on Major Wingate was taking plays off, and he did that at Tennessee, skipping out early.

A key point for players to get recruited and then have a successful career is consistency, consistency, consistency. This is one of the factors why so many programs are salivating over Derrick Favors, who is known for playing hard and consistent, regardless of the opponent.

Can you guys think of players who had the ‘lazy’ tag in high school that ended up looking great in college?